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updated logo smallWe have some of our products listed in the store; however we have many other items available to purchase. You can contact us on this page or by emailingĀ OneWayFarms

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Thanks for your continued support to our family farms, we appreciate each and every one of you that have helped us to reach this stage.

We are undergoing some changes at our farms and will not be offering some of the services and products that we did last year. In order to make some of the advancements and make sure that we can serve the community for years to come, we had to decide which things we would take a step away from this year. You can count on seeing all the same great animals, produce, and services available over the coming years and we certainly appreciate you keeping us in mind with all your needs.


  1. Hi Aaron, this is jeremiah with the straw. Thanks for your letter in the mail. Have a good day.

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