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Thanks for your continued support to our family farms, we appreciate each and every one of you that have helped us to reach this stage.

We are undergoing some changes at our farms and will not be offering some of the services and products that we did last year. In order to make some of the advancements and make sure that we can serve the community for years to come, we had to decide which things we would take a step away from this year. You can count on seeing all the same great animals, produce, and services available over the coming years and we certainly appreciate you keeping us in mind with all your needs.

Located in Pittsylvania county Virginia our motto is learning to do things the one way they were intended. All our produce is grown using 100% natural, sustainable, pesticide and herbicide free methods and since we were able to get forested land, we know that there is no risk of residuals from farming from years past. Everyone here believes in putting the food first and not cost alone. This means that we only put in the ground the things that we want in our food. We not only produce many different varieties of vegetables and fruits, but we eat everything off our farm and feed it to our families. Because of this you can rest assured that the utmost care and consideration goes into everything that we do; the best is all we accept and that is all you will get from One Way Farms.

All of our chickens are allowed access to large free-range areas that far exceed any organic/free range standards that are out today. We want healthy and happy chickens to produce our eggs for our family and yours; in order to achieve this we go to great measures to ensure they have a good life. The feed they have access to is 100% natural, soy-free, and non-gmo, along with all the grasses, vegetables, and all the other stuff that chickens love.

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The meat birds that we raise will either be Cornish Rocks or Heritage breeds; both have access to pasture for more than half their lives and are feed the same 100% natural, soy-free, and non-gmo feed. The Cornish birds will get bigger faster and do have the larger breast meat with a tender texture, but since they are raised on good feed and pasture the taste is far better than what you can get at the market. The Heritage breeds meat will be much more dense and packed with flavor; although you do not get the size of breast meat the immense flavor makes up for the size.  Both will have broiler weights of 3-5 lbs per bird and either way you choose is a great choice for a healthy meal.

The Produce that we offer includes many varieties of Tomatoes, California Wonder and Giant Chinese bell peppers, Jalapeno peppers, Cayenne peppers, Banana peppers, several types of pickling Cucumbers, Yellow Squash, Zucchini, 2 types of Pumpkins, several types of Watermelon, Cantaloupe, a variety of Broccoli, Several types of Cabbage, Spinach, Collard Greens, Turnips and Turnip Greens, Mustard Greens, Kale, Arugula, Beets, a couple types of Head Lettuce and several more varieties of Leaf Lettuce, Sugar Snap Peas, Green Beans, Several types of Sweet Corn, Purple Hull Peas, Butterbeans, Lima Beans, Crowder Peas, Several types of Carrots, Garlic, Several types of Onions, Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Radish, a plethora of Herbs that vary through the seasons, Paw Paws, and Blackberries.fresh veggies

berriesWe will be adding Grapes, Blueberries, Pomegranate, Persimmons, Grains, and several types of Fruit trees over the next couple years. All of these are and will always be grown with the same pesticide and herbicide free, sustainable, natural methods that we use throughout our farm.

Our goats are raised in an environment that is suited for the pallets of a browsing animal. They are not on grass only and are given plenty of access to the things that they require for them to thrive. We do not grain feed our goats, the only exception is when we are calling them in for check ups, hoof trimming, etc… We only worm the goats when it is absolutely necessary and are breeding for resistance to the parasites in this region. Our herd consists of Kiko, Alpine, Nubian, Pygmy, and Nigerian. We do not poll or wether unless requested; however we do not have a stance either way on how this affects the health of the goats, we simply just choose to allow them to live naturally. If you wish to have a certain pair of our herd breed, please let us know and we will make sure to get you the kids that you are wanting. Our goal is to be sustainable and pesticide and herbicide free in all that we do; goat pasturehowever when raising goats it is sometimes necessary to take measures to ensure their long lives. This is the reason that we are making strides to selectively breed to get a genetic stock that is no longer dependent on us but can thrive on its own.

The bottom line with all that we do is to make the healthiest life for our animals and use the most sustainable methods for producing everything on our farm. We are doing things to ensure that the generations that follow can have the highest quality food available and a thriving, healthy land to sustain for years to come; by doing this we can provide for our family and yours for generations.

Feel free to email us with any questions or to setup a time to stop by and visit the farm.

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